PS5: Sony unveils console recording features

A few days before the first wave of the PS5 launch, Sony continues to share its many features.

The Japanese manufacturer has completed its extensive FAQ to incorporate the console's recording features.While some features are naturally taken from the PS4, Sony's next-gen console has some new trumps up its sleeve.

Features taken from the PS4

All the recording functions can be managed quickly and easily via the “Create” button of the DualSense which takes the concept of the “Share” button of the PS4 controller, greatly improving it.

Using this button, as on the PS4, it will be possible to take screenshots, which will later be saved in the media gallery, so they can be edited at will and then stored in JPEG or PNG files on a USB stick to be transferred to other devices as needed.Like the PS4 again, pressing the button will instantly launch a stream or record a video.

But if the controller button has changed its name, it is for good reason.Sony has indeed added new features to match the "Creation" aspect of this new button.

New features

First of all, the watchword of this new generation of consoles is 4K.Thus, the "Create" button of the DualSense will allow gameplay sequences to be recorded in 4K.If the default resolution is set to 1080p/60fps, it is possible at any time to configure the recording so that it is operated in 4K.These settings will be kept as long as the console is not connected to a television with a different resolution.

Posted Date: 2021-02-04

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